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It was started by passion of keeping the Nishikigoi 4 years ago. Glenardo Yopie (the owner of Gading Koi) have vision to become a key player in Koi industry in Indonesia. With dedication and sprit, Gading Koi has grew to be top 10 Koi Dealer in Indonesia Currently, we have facilities in Kelapa Gading area.

Our koi mostly supplied from famous Japanese Koi Farm such as Sakai, Dainchi, Omosako, Beppu and a few other well known breeders in Japan. Our outstanding Nishikigoi’s Quality have been proven by numerous awards Gading Koi has won at koi shows in Indonesia.

Gading Koi also professional pond builder. We provide design and construct Koi Pond in our high standard. As professional pond builder, we understand the best environment to make your koi comfortable to live. Gading Koi pond builder can customize your koi pond, we always know how to satisfy customer need.

Other than that, we provide high quality koi food and pond equipment. Another service we may assist you with Point to Point Koi Pond Maintenance in greater Jakarta. Our experience staffs take care your water parameter, koi healthiness and quality. By that our customer may enjoying and admiring the beauty of koi.

Gading Koi has been and always be house of Nishikigoi for our koi needs.


Andi Suhanda

Gading Koi the Best Pond Builder and the Best spot to look for best quality koi with reasonable prices Kind Regards, Andi Suhanda.

Adi Chindra

Tahun 2011, Saya mengenal Gading Koi. Saya yang awam tentang koi, diberikan ketenangan serta kenikmatan memelihara ikan koi. Gading Koi, sigap dan selalu memonitor kondisi kolam koiku.

Harry Nugroho - Gen Koi Farm

Gading koi have the commitment, passion and experience are an asset in the future progress - Good Luck